NCA Provides Portfolio Services for Creditors

NCA optimizes the value of distressed and non-performing receivables portfolios

Nca Provides Portfolio Services for Creditors

NCA optimizes the value of distressed and non-performing receivables portfolios

Portfolio Purchasing

National Credit Adjusters is a reliable partner for the purchase and servicing of distressed and non-performing accounts receivable portfolios, providing businesses with a quick infusion of cash while alleviating the administrative burden of managing outstanding receivables. When valuable revenue is trapped in balance sheets, cash flow suffers and can require businesses to allocate critical internal resources to locating and contacting account holders. 

Selling non-performing accounts to National Credit Adjusters eliminates the unpredictability of payment, reduces risk associated with collections activities, and provides businesses with increased cash flow. Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the transaction process by conducting due diligence on the portfolio, developing a customized sales strategy, compliantly conducting transaction activities, and delivering immediate cash for our creditor partners. 

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Portfolio Servicing

Leveraging our advanced call center and legal network, National Credit Adjusters develops a customized recovery strategy to service your portfolio through the entirety of its lifespan, managing payments and interacting with account holders. A creditor’s reputation is one of the most important assets of its overall brand; NCA is committed to mitigating brand risk by providing the highest levels of compliance throughout all stages of the account lifecycle. 

NCA works hard to maintain our stringent standards and comply with all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements. We also conduct regular internal audits to ensure full transparency and strict adherence to policies and procedures. Utilizing automation, analytics, and process evaluation, our customized solutions reduce the overhead costs and risks associated with in-house recovery while boosting creditors’ operational efficiency and bottom line results.

Due Diligence Process

NCA’s foundation of trust is built upon the comprehensive compliance policies that our creditor partners rely on. As part of our commitment to standards of best practice, we adhere to a very strict due diligence process to ensure accountability and compliance with processes, procedures, and all applicable federal and state rules and regulations.

Creditors can be assured that working with National Credit Adjusters is straightforward and transparent. We have successfully completed hundreds of audits and have streamlined our internal systems and procedures to make the process simple and clear. Our team is knowledgeable, collaborative, and experienced, easily making confidence and trust a key part of our business relationships.

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NCA’s Dedicated Client Services Team

National Credit Adjusters operates with integrity, honesty, and transparency. We are proud to provide the highest quality of client services through our dedicated client services team. Our experienced team members partner with each client to better understand the nuances of each business and develop strategies that enable us to bring added value to your company’s bottom line.

By maintaining open lines of communication and operating with the utmost professionalism, National Credit Adjusters has built trust and established long-term relationships that have enabled our continued success and the success of our clients. Our client services team has the experience and proactive attitude necessary to assess and determine the perfect strategy to  unlock the value from your receivables portfolios. 

NCA can help you unlock the value from your receivables portfolios.