National Credit Adjusters, LLC, a receivables purchasing and management company, is pleased to announce new video content designed to provide consumers with general information about our company. We understand that our online presence matters as web searches provide the primary means of research consumers use to ensure the legitimacy of secondary creditors and account servicers. We believe consumers must have answers at their fingertips, so we’re providing several forms of digital media for convenient and searchable access. Watch our first video, “Who Is National Credit Adjusters, LLC?” for a basic overview of our company: 

Who is National Credit Adjusters?

Portfolio Purchasing & Management

National Credit Adjusters, LLC partners with creditors to provide bottom-line recovery for distressed and non-performing receivables portfolios. By purchasing and servicing accounts, we allow creditors to focus on their core business without the overhead of collection and recovery efforts, thereby helping creditors to continue providing affordable lending and other creditor services. We partner with our vetted network of collection agencies and creditors’ rights law firms to create recovery from past-due accounts while working with consumers to find positive solutions and improved financial wellbeing. 

RMAI Certified Receivables Business

NCA earned the designation of a Certified Receivables Business by Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) in January of 2022. This certification is another way we demonstrate to consumers and creditors our ethical standards of operation within the industry. RMAI launched the Certification Program in 2013 with a stated mission to “provide enhanced consumer protections through rigorous and uniform industry standards of best practice” and is often cited as the “gold standard” due to requirements that go above and beyond those required by law. A thorough third-party audit was conducted as one aspect of the certification process, along with several other measures to ensure compliant and consumer-friendly policies and procedures. 

Growing Success

We have been working hard on growing our business and taking our operations and community involvement to the next level. Our new website, new certification, and continued industry association involvement are helping us to lay the foundation for the best NCA yet. We look forward to continuing to build our established relationships and developing new ones. Keep an eye out as we introduce additional videos, blog posts, and company updates for clients, partners, and customers to learn more about us in the future. 

About National Credit Adjusters, LLC

Founded in 2002, National Credit Adjusters, LLC specializes in purchasing and servicing distressed, non-performing, and delinquent accounts receivables. NCA’s primary area of acquisition is consumer installment and online lending. NCA also has extensive experience in credit card, lease-to-own, consumer loans, fintech finance, payday loans, and retail lines of credit. NCA is an RMAI Certified Receivables Business and has offices in Kansas, Arizona, and Jamaica.