Rick Winters, Director of Portfolio Strategy of National Credit Adjusters, was Featured on Receivables Roundtable, a Video Production for the Accounts Receivable Management Industry Created and Published by Receivables Info

HUTCHINSON, KS, April 2023 – We’re proud to share episode 117 of Receivables Roundtable featuring our own Rick Winters! Rick sat down with Adam Parks to discuss how National Credit Adjusters has pushed into the digital communications space and how they leverage their first- and third-party collections efforts effectively in the digital age. 

Rick and Adam both have decades of experience in the ARM industry and their 20-minute roundtable discussed how organizations like NCA were forced to consider all the effects SMS communications had on National Credit Adjusters, as well as their portfolio strategies. 

From identifying the proper channels of communication for each consumer, to discovering how two-way communications would work in the modern regulatory landscape, Rick and NCA have evolved their collection efforts for the future.

“The ultimate goal is to have as many communication channels as possible available, and then figure out what the optimal channels are from there,” Rick says during the roundtable. “Back when I first started in the industry, I pulled up postcards. Through the last how many years, we’ve evolved and we are now leveraging more than the traditional phone. I’m really excited about this.”  

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